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College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA


College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA in Brcko District BiH was founded by the Local Business Initiatives Foundation Brcko District BiH and Ljubljana School of Business Slovenia.

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Welcome to our website

Dear students and parents, distinguished colleagues and associates

College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA is a modern educational and scientific institution, which works on the development of a prestigious image nourishing a high level of academic, human and institutionalised values and relies on their own resources. We strive to high quality teaching, raising standards of studying, developing scientific research, developing and applying curricula according to Bologna principles and labour markets demands, ensuring good quality and nurturing moral values with every individual, both students and teachers.

Degrees, scientific knowledge and skills, as well as education in the field of acknowledged industry certification acquired upon graduation from College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA will enable them to choose an employment in BiH, regional countries and EU countries.

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Distance Learning Centre

Distance Learning Centre is an organizational unit which initiates, develops and manages study programme which is delivered through distance learning. The centre cooperates with the academic and other staff, as well as with other eMPIRICA’s organizational units so as to develop distance learning study programmes that are commensurate with the curriculum, syllabus, available teaching staff and experts, as well as technical means and other materials.

Main tasks of the Centre are to ensure: access for all students registered for the distance learning study programme to all concrete services of support, adequate and precise information on distance learning study programs, necessary communication infrastructure, constant training for teaching and administrative staff in the fields of technologies and distance learning didactics, that the College and distributed centres have adequate educational resources, development and enhancement of the educational process and distance learning educational resources production, usage of educational resources and communication technologies, adequate system for handling complaints and demands of distance learning students and development and promotion of clear rules on: production of educational resources and enablement of copyrights, ICT usage and access thereof, usage of virtual libraries- private, partner or rented ones, didactics materials and e-subjects distribution, production and usage of educational materials and multimedia content.

The Centre has at its disposal the following technologies, which are used for the requirements of e-learning and distance learning lectures: LMS/LCMS eCampus system for e-learning via Internet, personal installation of Cisco WebEx conference system for distance learning lectures in the real time, private You Tube channel for distribution of video-based educational content, Camtasia and other tools for the production of multimedia educational content.

Why to Choose to Study at eMPIRICA

College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA in Brcko District BiH offers truly unique study programmes in BiH and high quality access to educational process, which puts students' demands and needs in focus.

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Top 10

Ten reasons why to study at College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA

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Dual Diploma-Transnational Study Programme

eMPIRICA College and Ljubljana School of Business received in September 2012 from the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education NAKVIS (www.nakvis.si) authorisation to conduct transnational Business Informatics studies and issue BIH-SLO diplomas.

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Price List- Tuition that Covers all Studies Expenses

Dear students, so as to make your studies more financially affordable, keeping a high level of quality we have devised a scholarship that covers all your expenses during the studies.

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Recognition of Exams and Industry Certificates

We believe that many of you partly received education at other higher education institutions. We recognise your every knowledge which is connected to out study programme.

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Certiport Testing Centre

In November 2012, College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA became Certiport testing centre.

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Local Cisco Networking Academy VS eMPIRICA

Local Cisco Networking Academy eMPIRICA

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YouTube Channel

eMPIRICA Photo Album

Moments captured at eMPIRICA through a camera

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  • Decision on work permit renewal dating from 16.06.2014.




    Decision on fulfilling conditions for founding an institution of higher education:


    eMPIRICA LICENSE - first accreditation>>>


    An Excerpt from Law on Higher Education in Brcko District, BiH:

    Article 29, paragraph (6) , Work permit from within paragraph 3 in this article stands as the first accreditation and work permit for the institution of higher education, which this institution is required to renew two years after the permit has been acquired, at the latest. 


    Decision on conducting Business Informatics transnational study programme for attaining a dual diploma >>>



    Cisco Academy - authorisation >>>



    Certiport testing centre - authorisation >>>




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  • Engineering Informatics

    Study programme Engineering Informatics at the College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA in Brcko District, BiH is the only engineering informatics study programme in BiH which enables students to attend Cisco Academy programme free of charge within the study itself ( 4 semesters in Cisco Academy are content-wise transposed into 4 courses of the program study), which prepares them for passing the exam and acquiring the Cisco certificate, one of the most distinguished industrial certificates in the world in the network technology sphere.


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    Business Informatics

    Study programme Business Informatics at the College of Computer Science and Business education eMPIRICA in Brcko district BiH is the only Business Informatics study program in BiH which offers to students a dual diploma upon graduation- a degree issued by a licensed higher education institution from BiH (eMPIRICA College) and a degree issued by an accredited higher education institution from the EU (Ljubljana School of Business).


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  • Quality Assurance at eMPIRICA


    eMPIRICA regularly monitors and improves quality and efficiency of educational, scientific, research and professional work. Main task of a college in this segment is to establish mechanisms for quality monitoring and evaluation, and woork efficiency, primarily on the basis of self evaluation which includes all students and teaching staff. 


    Self evaluation, enables sovereignty to the college, which is a prerequisite for a true autonomy of an institution and it propels staff and students to thinking that each of us is responsible for the quality and improvement. eMPIRICA dedicates systematic, structured and lasting attention to work quality, especially teaching process quality.


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  • International Relations Office


    The main activities of International Relations Office involve developing inter-institutional and international cooperation, as well as conducting counseling, administrative and coordination activities in the course of eMPIRICA College’s involvement of applying for and participating  in international research and technical programs, mobility programs for students and teaching and administrative staff, as well as other available programs and projects.



    M.Sc Aleksandar Maksimović, Head

    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Selma Berbić, International Relations Officer

    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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